Easy back-end development using Strapi

6/22/2022, 04:16:56

With business models diversifying everyday, it is important to test and launch these models in the fastest and cheapest way possible. A lengthy development process that requires a bulky team of developers can be fatal to surviving in an ever-changing environment.

Strapi is a new name, but it can provide a perfect solution for start-ups, where speed is critical.

With Strapi, it is easier than ever to build a back-end server with self hosting. The management and modelling of DB content are made available directly on the admin page, and building Rest API server is also very straightforward.

Complicated logic structure may bring about some difficulties, but the simplicity of DB connection and API server construction has a huge merit that is hard to be ignored.

At GLOTOSS, we provide outsourcing services using Strapi with experienced full-stack developers.

If you are experiencing difficulties with a small team, let Strapi be your booster!