Technology for System Analysis, Scouter APM

7/14/2022, 23:45:31

The most important thing in running IT services is 'reliability'. To provide reliable service, from infrastructure to applications needs to be perfect. But it's not perfect because it's a human thing. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the system and gradually improve it.

An open-source monitoring tool called Scouter can address these needs. It automatically collects performance indicators for JAVA applications and various operating systems. The graph provides visibility at a glance, allowing administrators to look at the system objectively. Of course, it is an open source, so it can be built for free.

If you experience a system failure while operating the system, Where did the problem come from?' Why can't the service work when the system is normal?' "Why isn't the service suddenly working until yesterday?"' If you think so, analyze your system with Scouter!

If you are having difficulty building Scouter, GLOTOSS will help you.

The introduction of monitoring systems such as Scouter is not an option, but a requirement.